Cyber Security Analytics

Increasingly complex businesses require an automated, enterprise-ready Business Intelligence solution. The right policies, process, and measures should be continuously monitored through automated analytics.

InterAnalytics is an automated enterprise-wide analytics solution that supports Operations, Cybersecurity, Human Resources, KPI Governance, Capacity & Demand, Facility, etc.

Reduce Labor Costs


Eliminate manual data collection and focus your workforce on the end product; they will be able to support more requirements at a quicker pace and be happier doing it!

Increase Speed to Data


Having the information ready the instant you want it enables proactive business decisions. It also moves the focus of each report from preparation to analysis and action.

Improve Data Quality


Increase reporting consistency across the enterprise by consolidating data into a single solution that can be accessed through automated reports, dynamic dashboards, and self-service BI.

Increase Data Transparency


Enterprise data models between multiple tools enable cross-source, cross-project information that is only available in pieces and often cannot be delivered through a manual process. Get into and pull the weeds!