Security Operations

Incident Response

InterSec’s Incident Response service provides the capability to hunt, identify, triage (e.g., investigate and verify), respond to, and recover from security incidents. It helps organizations by focusing on the resolution of security incidents in a timely and appropriate manner, providing clear visibility and traceability through the process. This capability is heavily process focused and describes how a Cyber Security program should hunt for indicators of environment compromise, identify threats and location within the attack kill chain, isolate and handle a security incident, and return an environment to steady state; including appropriate communication across the company.

Perimeter Security

Across numerous agencies, we actively implement security controls to manage intrusion detection/prevention systems, firewalls, routers, DNS servers, load balancers, enterprise malicious software management tools, and additional monitoring tools so that we quickly identify and resolve vulnerabilities, attacks and issues that could impact the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and networks.

Phishing Assessments

The social engineering aspect of the InterSec vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is an increasingly critical part of testing the cyber security posture relating to an organization’s digital assets. The “human” component, also known as “wetware” in the industry, is the main target of social engineering attacks, making this threat vector especially effective as a means to infiltrate a network by gaining access to credentials.

InterSec brings a comprehensive approach based on successfully demonstrated, field-tested tools and insights from similar efforts supporting vishing, phishing, and other simulated attacks across multiple organizations.

Digital Forensics

Our partner specializes in providing forensics and forensic readiness services to our clients. The GDF staff serve as the subject matter professionals required to provide the level of work that will withstand the rigors of the legal system.

Operating System Assessments

InterSec has significant experience in conducting Operating System security assessment based on multiple standards and guides. We identify the function of the OS and develops an assessment of possible vulnerabilities, threats to the OS and environment. Utilizing guidance from NIST SP800-123, our security experts validate adherence to security configuration guidance.

Our operating system assessment service can be provided as part of a strategic or compliance assessment, as staff capabilities onsite or as part of our large-scale operations and administrative support capabilities.

Database Assessments

InterSec helps organizations proactively secure platforms and sensitive data considering emerging technologies such as Big Data. InterSec’s services follow a four phased approach, first we assess an organization’s maturity, then identify high value data assets by setting up controls to prevent loss of sensitive data, and finally maintaining the data while protecting the privacy of data.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our Threat and Vulnerability Management practice has developed a time-tested methodology that covers the spectrum of TVM activities – from executing one-time automated scans and manual penetration tests to establishing and running an ongoing TVM capability. Our vulnerability scanning service can be provided as part of a strategic or compliance assessment, as staff capabilities onsite or as part of our large-scale operations and administrative support capabilities.

Our cloud labs evaluate security technologies, develop proprietary security tools used for penetration testing, and develop security tool baselines that accelerate implementation and ramp-up, and enhance our knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities and security tools.

Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity services are only as effective as the personnel using, operating or managing them. Proper training and exercises help to increase incident response readiness and avoid common security mistakes.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

We provide a methodical process to prioritize business critical application by developing Contingency Plans (CPs) based on BIAs to reconstitute IT Operations. Contingency planing and disaster recovery must protect organizations IT environment and promote fast recovery of data and systems. We assist organizations create contingency plans, and disaster recovery plans according to federal standards, guidelines and organizations mission. Our experienced and skilled professionals ensure the highest level of availability and assist organizations manage risk factors to ensure business continuity.