Mobile Security

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) is a type of security software used by an IT department to monitor, manage and secure employees’ mobile devices that are deployed across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems being used in the organization.

Mobile device management software is often combined with additional security services and tools such as Mobile Application Management to create a complete mobile device and security Enterprise Mobility Management solution.

InterSec has experience developing MDM and MAM solutions using various market leading products such as MobileIron, Good Technologies, and IBM End Point.

Secure Mobility Lifecycle

Much like Secure SDLC for traditional application plays and important role in baking security into the application, Secure Mobility Lifecycle helps Mobile developers build Secure Enterprise Mobile Apps to ensure security and privacy aspects are built into the mobile app through out the development lifecycle.

InterSec has helped organizations develop customized Secure Mobility Lifecycle that is centrally focused on Secure Mobile application development that seamlessly integrates with the Organization’s PMO and Governance structure.

Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management (MAM) is a term that refers to software and services used to secure, manage and distribute mobile applications used in enterprise settings on mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers.

Mobile Application Management can apply to company-owned mobile devices as well as BYOD (“Bring Your Own Devices”). MAM solutions typically offer a variety of capabilities and services, including application delivery and software licensing, application configuration, app authorization, usage tracking and application lifecycle management (ALM).

InterSec has experience developing MDM and MAM solutions using various market leading products such as MobileIron, Good Technologies, and IBM End Point.

Mobile Vulnerability Assessment

Mobile applications have greater attack surface than traditional web applications. Mobile apps are more prone to security and privacy flaws and therefore effective Mobile Security Vulnerability Assessment enforced as part of a Secure Mobility Lifecycle plays a significant role in reducing threats.

InterSec has developed a Mobile Vulnerability assessment process backed by our Amazon AWS hosted Security tools and OWASP Mobile Security Project to provide comprehensive vulnerability assessment.

Mobile Forensics

Mobile devices can be used to save several types of personal information such as contacts, photos, calendars and notes, SMS and MMS messages. Smartphones may additionally contain video, email, web browsing information, location information, and social networking messages and contacts.

InterSec leverages industry leading products to design solutions for forensic examiners and investigators who require the most comprehensive, up-to-date mobile data extraction and decoding support available to handle the influx of new data sources.

Multifactor Authentication

Mobile devices are increasingly being used to perform sensitive transactions in banking, retail, healthcare, and the workplace. At the same time, they are vulnerable to loss, theft, observation and hacking. Strong authentication is needed for sensitive high-value transactions.

InterSec has experience integrating DoD PKI CAC two-factor authenication for mobile devices using various solutions including BAI Mobile Smartcard reader and Thursby PKard.